Stylword traduction anglais


traduction de l'anglais vers le français de documents techniques


You're in hurry and you have documents to translate into French.
Perhaps you have a large volume of translation to manage.
The translation has to be good, on time and on budget.

You want a text that-

  • is flawlessly translated
  • reads well and doesn't sound like a translation
  • uses the established terms of your profession
  • is devoid of any technical errors.

Who are you going to trust?

Call on a professional with over twenty years' experience translating from English to French for high-tech leaders such as Canon, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Lucent and Unisys.

Call on an expert in the latest translation technology including translation memory, which stores and analyzes documents already translated for you in order to facilitate later translations. This ensures consistency, saves time and actually saves you money, as you will not be billed for text you have previously had translated. The more you translate, the greater the translation memory and the lower your cost. See the Services page to learn more about translation memory.

Trust Stylword.

Contact Ms Sylvie Landès or request a free quote using the online form.